(Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, 1493-1541)

translated and published by R. Turner, London 1656. (Facsimile: Askin, London and Weiser, New York,1975 - and other publishers.

(page 119)
Chap. XI
Against the Gout

Take of Mummy, Mastick, Red Myrrhe, Olibanum, Ammoniacum, Oppopanax, Bdelium, each 3ii. Vitriol lb.ii. Honey lb.ii. Tartar 2/ Aquavitæ, gal.iii

Let them be all Distilled together into an Oyl. Then take little Flyes, such as are bred in the dead Carcasses of Horses, and make an Oyl of them, being well bruised. With which Oyl of the Horse-flies, mix 2/3 ii, with 2/3 iv of the other Oyl: These two Oyls being well mixed together, let them be Distilled again, and let this Distilled Oyl be preserved.

Then prepare the Characters, in manner following.

R of pure Gold, pure Silver, filings of Iron, each 3i. of Lead, 3ii.

Let them be all melted together in the hour of the New Moon, by a very strong fire, that the filings of the Iron may be melted. For they will hardly melt, wherefore some Boras is to be added to them. Then let all the melted matter be poured out together upon a broad smooth stone, that it may make a thin Lamen: for it cannot be wrought with the Hammer afterwards, because of the Iron: afterwards when Venus is in conjunction with Mars, in the same hour let the Characters, Words, and Signes of the Lamen be engraven thereupon, like two stamps of a piece of money; and let them be finished in that hour.

Let both the said pieces of Money be engraven only on one side, in the hour of the said conjunction of Mercury and Mars; and let them be so kept, that they touch not one another.

The right-hand Lamen (or coin, medallion) seems to represent Mars piercing Venus.


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