Porcheresse (Charente)

This interior capital is quite amazing. The bearded male figure is sexless, but he sprouts foliage like horns from his head. His hands are placed on his thighs.
Similar bits of foliage separate him from a female atlante who sticks out her tongue and exhibits a huge slash of a vulva.
Does this capital suggest that lasciviousness and 'paganism' go together ?

(The word pagan means country-dweller, and is related to the word peasant - and Christianity did not make much headway
outside the 'centres of culture' until the 11th and 12th centuries, when churches 'covered France like a blanket'.
Before then, churches were few and far between, and few pagans were likely to walk 10 miles or 5 leagues to be preached at
and castigated for being a backward and sinful peasant.)