not far from Saint-Antonin
in the Forêt de la Grésigne...


The event:

A stag pursued by a pack of hounds
crashed through the french windows of our neighbours
pursued by the pack of hounds
who all rushed into the lounge
then into the kitchen
where the stag was finally killed.

Imagine the panic of this quiet family with their two children
who had just finished their lunch...

Proceedings have been started:
it is the third time this has happened here, and the second time in this house!

The press, television, the appropriate authorities have been notified:
five 'huntsmen' have been observed and photographed for several hours.

We hope to ban hunting in the region
but it is unlikely to happen:
the right to hunt was promulgated soon after the disastrous revolution of 1789
and any attempt to curb it is seen as unpatriotic.
Hunters are a very large constituency in France: they form the backbone of the parties of the right
especially the neo-fascist National Front.

Under the socialist François Mittérand an attempt was made to limit the 'rights' of hunters,
but it ultimately failed.

Hunters can follow their quarry - whether wild boar, fox, badger, hare, squirrel or deer -
anywhere in the Republic, on any private land.
The only limitation is that they must not come within 20 metres of a dwelling!

This is France in the 21st century.


version française

Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. Roman. Sculpture romane. Rouergue. Anthony Weir



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text by Anthony Weir, Dissident Editions,,, and author of IMAGES OF LUST