Ulsnis (Schleswig-Holstein)

A twelfth-century capital has been built into the base of an outside wall at the north-eastern side of theWilhadi-Kirche.
On the right is an acrobat/tumbler or dancer, regarded as sinful because of 'unnatural' and lewd behaviour enacted for money.
On the left is a naked woman with head-dress or flowing tresses typical of many
Luxuria figures,
though this one is not being punished in hell by eternally suckling snakes, toads or
but indicating her vulva in an exhibitionist pose. She also seems to be an acrobat or contortionist.
(Compare with the capital at Seu d'Urgell in Spain.)

this picture came from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:UlsnisSteinplastik-NO-1.jpg