Ballintubber Abbey (Mayo)

Together with three other mask-heads attacked by monsters on the East window
this magnificent late-Romanesque, feline, Gorgon-mask spews two serpents
which intertwine with two snakes spewed by flanking monsters.

Compare with this cloister-capital at Tarragona in Spain (photographed by Peter Hubert)...

and with another carving - of the ungenerous wealthy man with his moneybag - also at Tarragona -
an amazing treatment of Avaritia which links that motif with
tongue-stickers, mouth-pullers and Gorgons.

photo by Pater Hubert

A capital at Rétaud (Charente), where the Gorgon face is framed by hair bound into something like fasces
indicating that this tongue-sticker is connected with Luxuria.

photo by Julianna Lees

Detail of the Gorgoneion in the Archæological Museum, Corfu, Greece.


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